What is the Nulsen Youth Patron Program?

The Nulsen Youth Patron Program instills an understanding of how individual and collective social responsibility shapes a civil society in which we can all live and work. The program extends way beyond the students, reaching parents, teachers and alumni in the school community; Nulsen staff and supporters; and the broader population.

Each year, selected students from the three schools to participate in the Nulsen Youth Patron program. Positions in the program are hotly contested as the leadership skills and personal development gained during the year-long program see many of the participants go on to assume leadership positions within the schools. This solid foundation from school will see many of the youth patrons assume a leadership role within their chosen professions and the community.

The Youth Patrons visit Nulsen’s supported living homes and invite Nulsen residents to attend school events such as sports days, arts and music events. Through these interactions, the students develop a greater understanding of the needs, abilities, talents and humanity of people living with a disability.

The program develops the leadership and public speaking skills of the youth patrons. Public speaking training is provided and the patrons practice these skills during the formal presentations that form part of the program.


The important role played by the Nulsen Youth Patron Program is providing participants with the confidence to meaningfully engage and include people living with disabilities.

Preston Sudlow, Youth Patron Alumni


Program Experiences

Class of 2010, Nulsen Youth Patron Alumni member, Preston Sudlow, shares his experience with the Nulsen Youth Patron Program. Nulsen is unquestionably one of the most important programs I have ever been involved in.

“In my view, the true value of the Nulsen program is in its ability to immerse participants into a space where they gain a deep understanding of how people, and society at large, are affected by disabilities.

We often speak about the barriers that exist in society between people living with a disability and able-body people. I believe these do not exist out of malice. Rather, they stem from a lack of understanding.

Empowered with this confidence, the program through its participants, builds lasting social change and helps bridge the gap between people living with a disability and able-body people.

I still have a great deal of pride saying I was involved with Nulsen as a Youth Patron, and am supremely grateful for its part in shaping me into the person I am.”


Want to know more?

To learn more about the Nulsen Youth Patron Program, call Nulsen Reception on 6253 4700.