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Rosella's Cooking Class

Hands on involvement in the kitchen has been a recipe for success.

Bringing together a love of food, fun and community connection, the Rosella Cooking Class brings together people with different and complex disabilities.

Who doesn’t love the aroma of freshly baked treats? The Rosella Cooking Class encourages a fully interactive cooking session, using a switching technique. Using a switch or a button modified to the user’s abilities, they turn on and off the mixer, allowing them to join in the fun of cooking.


A goal of the group is to cook with chefs in a proper commercial kitchen and to cater products that will be eaten by the public and sell those products.

Area Manager, Tracey Mather

Area Manager, Tracey Mather leads the regular classes and has plans for how to grow its impact.

“Nulsen also has an induction every month; catering for that morning tea. So, the goal is to have 12 full recipes that we can then cater to that, and financially benefit the residents as well.”

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