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Mariani and Emily

Emily is thriving in group accommodation with the care and attention of Nulsen staff.

Mariani, like many parents who have a child with a disability, doesn’t believe she is amazing in any sense. It’s her family, after all, so she does what any parent would do to ensure that her child is safe, loved and supported.

Emily really is a people person, taking every opportunity to participate in community events and go on adventures. She loves to get hands-on helping around the house – something her housemates don’t mind at all!

Prior to moving to Nulsen, Emily lived at home with her mum and two siblings for 21 years.

The staff here are wonderful, they look after her just like I would, and I think this is what every mum wants for her child and I can just see that she is just thriving.

Mariani Peck, Emily's Mother

Emily’s mum, Mariani, explained the difference it’s made to her and the rest of the family, “I can resume my career again, and I have a relationship with her brother and sister, which was hard to do before.

“She wasn’t very happy at times at home, as it’s hard to give her the attention that I would like to give her. Here she has the full staff looking after her, doing activities that she wouldn’t have the opportunity at home to do, so life is just amazing.”

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