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Peter and Jacob

Jacob gets 24 hour support from the team at Nulsen to live a good life.

Jacob’s lifestyle had become limited to a few activities, but with some strategies to work at his pace, Nulsen has helped open a new world of experiences.

Moving into unfamiliar territory can be challenging at the best of times. But with the assistance of Nulsen support workers, Jacob has taken on new routines that would have previously led to anxiety and stress.

Jacob’s father, Peter, takes the responsibilities of being a carer in his stride and has experienced the positive impact of having Nulsen to assist in looking after Jacob.


Nulsen’s thinking is not just right now, but starting to build up: what’s the next step? It’s almost like they had the end goal, already in sight.

Peter Conroy, Jacob's Father

“It’s a 24-hour care job, that’s ok, we’re the parents. But it’s also nice to have a bit of me time, which reflects back for Jacob as well – if we are doing better, he is doing better.

“In the time he’s been with Nulsen, we’ve seen amazing changes, including accepting new people and enjoying new people in his life, including two incredible support workers.

“I was really overwhelmed with the response right from the first phone call, there were three people at that first meeting, several days later there was another meeting, and they were key people too.

“There was a huge, high level of interest in our situation and with Jacob; it was quite phenomenal. I’ve never experienced that, not just in the disability sector but anywhere out there in the work-a-day world.”

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