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Greg and Patti

Greg’s musical and artistic talents are only matched by his passion for footy.

From Acca-Dacca to the traditional songs of his culture, Greg is an artist with an ear for music. His musical talents are showcased at important Nulsen events, and he loves to spend time honing his artistic skills.

Greg has been with Nulsen since 2008, an experience which has filled his life with fun and his home with art. He is a natural poet, who is deeply in touch with his culture and eager to share and learn within the community.

Former Coordinator of Creative Development, Patti Ferber, has known Greg for many years and explains how he’s embraced his musical gift.

Greg is very passionate about his art and to develop his skills so he can work and contribute to society, it’s something he feels very strongly about.

Patti Ferber, Creative Development


“Since Greg has been at Nulsen, he was gifted a didgeridoo, and he just started playing it. At that point, we didn’t know he could play it, but he actually plays it very well. He describes it as something that belongs to his spirit.

“Greg is very aware of his culture and very proud of his culture. So the didgeridoo is something he can use to demonstrate this to others, he teaches others how important it is to the aboriginal culture, so it’s very significant in his life and to his quality of life.”

Greg has exhibited his artwork several times, winning awards as well as a coveted place as a Fremantle Arts Centre ‘Artist in Residence’.

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