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Ben and Ainsley

Ben has been blossoming with Nulsen.

Ben came to live at Nulsen in 2013 from his family’s farm. His mum mentioned at his Person Centred Planning meeting that Ben loves his trike and loves being outside.

A country boy at heart, Ben loves being out in nature. To help facilitate more outdoor time, the Nulsen team looked at a range of new trikes, before deciding alongside his mum to refurbish his existing custom trike.

The modification to his existing trike gives him better back and foot supports and a belt so he can concentrate on just having fun when riding, rather than having to support himself.

Now, more than ever, he loves riding around his local community and meeting people.

“Ben has pulled up his socks in all aspects of his life. He enjoys doing things and being around people, he has better eye contact and better relationships with people, and really more interest in what’s going on”.

As a parent, you feel really comfortable to know your that your son or daughter is in a really safe environment. Surrounded by people their own age and people that honestly do really care for them.

Ainsley Cousins, Ben's Mother

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