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Alex and Karen

Alex gets the highest quality care in the comfort of his own home.

Putting in the hard yards to achieve your goals and dreams can be tough. Long nights, quick dinners, unavoidable stress and last minute cramming before an exam the following day, is just a glimpse into student life.

Alex is able to lean on Nulsen through their in-home support services, to make student life a little easier.

Since Alex joined the Nulsen family, we’ve made it our priority to get to know him and his family. We’ve learned to be responsive of Alex’s changing needs, so he can live the life he dreams of; one that is fully independent, working towards a successful career in computer gaming and software.

Alex receives support whenever he needs it, day or night, weekdays or weekends directed by him, with the support of his family.

When I say I hope for the future, it’s not hope; it’s the confidence that things are going to be alright.

Karen Ensor, Alex's Mother

“To get the boys out into the community, experience life, without having to hang around with your family and just to do fun things with people their own age, you know, joining clubs or going to the gym that sort of thing, be independent from us.

“We have support people here three days a week, sometimes more, its allowed my husband and I to go away and have respite, so we have people stay in the house as well. It’s been a huge difference, we couldn’t do it without it.

“Tom and Alex have been able to go out into the community and explore activities on their own and be independent from us. As young adults, this is extremely important. We trust Nulsen and have a very good relationship with them. They provide support, good advice and we would thoroughly recommend Nulsen to other families.”

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