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Supported Accommodation

Supported independent living for people with complex disability

Nulsen offers a range of assisted living options that help people with disability to live their best life. Each home is set up to suit the needs and personalities of the people who live there. Many of the people we support have complex disability or require around-the-clock assistance. We thoroughly review people’s needs and personality when considering where they might live.

Our supported accommodation starts with the wishes of the person then works back to design the supports. This gives people choice and control over the services they receive. We develop tailored disability service plans for each person based on their goals, hopes and dreams. We encourage families to take an active role in developing plans for their relative.

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Individual Supported Accommodation

For people who don’t need care 24/7, just at different times of the day when it’s needed.

Individual living with Nulsen

In cases where a person prefers to live on their own in a Nulsen home but requires support for some daily tasks, the Nulsen team are ready to assist.

Depending on their needs, we can provide support for people at set times during the day. This might include help getting ready for work in the morning, preparing meals in the evening, or other general household tasks so that our residents gain or maintain their independence.

While all Nulsen homes have been thoughtfully designed, we can arrange for specialist modifications to suit individual abilities and goals, including hoists, ramps, handles, etc.. This is all about making the house someone’s home.

Our Nulsen Therapy team can also provide occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology and dietetics, based on a person’s NDIS plan.

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Shared Supported Accommodation

24/7 quality care for people with complex disabilities in a home suited to their needs.

We support young people and older people; people who need high-level care, and people who need less support, but assistance outside the home.

You’ll find Nulsen shared living homes across the Perth metropolitan area. Generally, 3-5 people share a home. Our quality 24/7 care is provided by a skilled team of disability support workers who help people to live the life they want.

Depending on the need, our disability support workers might assist people with personal care, communication, attending appointments, learning social and practical skills, going to work, or socialising.

Each person has their own bedroom, participates in the running of their home as they are able, and is encouraged to maintain close relationships with family and friends.

Depending on what you choose with your plan, our Nulsen Therapy team can provide occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology and dietetics.

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Nulsen Therapy - Daily Living

Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology & Dietetics to help you meet your goals

Our multidisciplinary Nulsen Therapy team can help you to meet your goals, take part in activities, be out and about, develop social skills to make friends, stay healthy, improve your independence at home, or exercise.

At home, our occupational therapists help people to expand everyday skills, such as personal care, cooking, and home activities to increase their independence. For some people with a physical disability, they help with seating and positioning, recommend and arrange equipment, and even home modifications to make life easier.

Our Nulsen physiotherapists can assess 24-hour postural care needs and develop programs to improve the mobility and freedom of residents. Our physios help train support workers to lift and help residents (manual handling), and suggest the best equipment to support resident independence.

Our occupational therapists use the latest therapy techniques for transport, accessible community activities, and along with the speech pathologists, help you to develop the social skills to make friendships and get along.

Our physiotherapists also train support workers to safely support you to take part in many fun community activities, such as working out at the local gym with a tailored exercise program, swimming, horse riding, trike riding and surfing.

And of course, healthy eating and dietary habits are crucial for maintaining quality of life.

Our dietitians help people achieve their health and wellbeing goals. They work closely with people, their carers or family, therapists, and positive behaviour support practitioners to understand someone’s needs and the best actions to achieve their goals.

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Nulsen Therapy - Communication

Speech pathology to help you talk, understand and get your message across

Nulsen speech pathologists are experts in helping people to communicate Their needs, wants and feelings with others. We can help people develop improved speech, understanding, reading and language, reading and writing, social skills, expressing, and understanding others.

Our speech pathologists can help with alternative and augmentative communication, such as Key Word Sign, visual communication aides, and technological solutions to give people a voice and help with understanding what is happening from day to day.

Our speech pathologists also work closely with our occupational therapists and positive behaviour support practitioners to help people achieve their communication goals.


Assistive Technology & Equipment

Prescribing the best and latest equipment to meet your everyday needs.

Our Nulsen Therapy team are qualified to provide special equipment for our residential homes and to help people get out and about in their community. Motorised and manual wheelchairs, commodes, shower chairs, specialised positioning equipment, home modifications, custom built equipment, orthoses, exercise equipment and electronic communication aides can all be provided through Nulsen Therapy. We can advise on the latest technology, such as smart homes to increase the independence of our residents.

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