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Therapy Services

Providing you with the support to achieve your goals.

Nulsen Therapy is here to meet your unique needs. We provide evidence-based advice, assessment, therapy and the equipment you need to nurture your potential for a good life.

The team will work with you, your family and your support team to develop a tailored therapy program. The Nulsen Therapy team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists and social workers. This is sometimes referred to as a multidisciplinary team.

Whichever member of the Nulsen Therapy team you work with, you can be sure we bring the expertise of the whole team to your service. Your Nulsen therapists will assist you in all aspects of your life as you choose.

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Specialist Support Coordination

Putting your NDIS plan into action

Nulsen can help you to put your NDIS plan into action. We will make sure you get the best out of your plan.

We have specialist social workers, therapists and psychologists who will partner with you to help you find the service which can provide exactly what you want.

Nulsen has a large network in your local community and will connect you with the right people to help you meet your goals.

We can help you to develop the skills to manage and maintain your NDIS plan in the future and prepare you for your plan review at the end of the year.


Daily Living

Occupational and Physiotherapy to help you meet your goals

Our multidisciplinary team can help you to meet your goals, take part in activities, be out and about, develop social skills to make friends, stay healthy, improve your independence at home, or exercise.

At home, Nulsen’s occupational therapists help people to expand everyday skills, such as personal care, cooking, and home activities to increase their independence. For some people with a physical disability, they help with seating and positioning, recommend and arrange equipment, and even home modifications to make life easier.

Physiotherapists at Nulsen will assess your 24-hour postural care needs and develop programs to improve your mobility and freedom. We can train your team to lift and help you (manual handling) and suggest the best equipment to support your independence.

To help you be part of your local community, our occupational therapists use the latest therapy techniques for transport, accessible community activities, and along with the speech pathologists, help you to develop the social skills to make friendships and get along.

Our physiotherapists can train support workers to safely support you to take part in many fun community activities, such as working out at the local gym with a tailored exercise program, swimming, horse riding, trike riding and surfing.

Shopping with Jo, Gina,Vicki, Laura, Harriet and Jacinta


Speech pathology to help you talk, understand and get your message across

Nulsen speech pathologists are experts in helping you to communicate your needs, wants and feelings with others. We can help you to develop your speech, understanding, reading and language, reading and writing, social skills, expressing yourself, and understanding others.

Our speech pathologists can help with alternative and augmentative communication, such as Key Word Sign, visual communication aides, and technological solutions to give you a voice and help with understanding what is happening from day to day.

Our speech pathologists also work closely with the occupational therapy and positive behaviour support team to help you achieve your communication goals.



Working together to ensure your mealtimes are safe and enjoyable.

The speech pathologist will assess your swallowing to make sure that the food and drink you enjoy is of a safe consistency and texture to keep you from coughing or choking. They will make sure you have the right equipment, such as specialised plates, cups, knives and forks.

The occupational therapist will assist by ensuring you have the right equipment, for meal preparation and everything you need to improve your independence in the kitchen. In conjunction with the physiotherapist, they can advise you on a safe and supported position for you to enjoy your meal.

The team will work with your dietitian if needed, to ensure you have a balanced, safe and nutritional diet.


Assistive Technology & Equipment

Prescribing the best and latest equipment to meet your everyday needs.

Our therapy team are qualified to provide special equipment for your home and to help you get out in the community. Motorised and manual wheelchairs, commodes, shower chairs, specialised positioning equipment, home modifications, custom built equipment, orthoses, exercise equipment and electronic communication aides can all be provided through Nulsen Therapy. We can advise you on the latest technology, such as smart homes to increase your independence.


Positive Behaviour Support

Our unique approach to improve quality of life and decrease challenging behaviours.

Nulsen’s positive behaviour support is an evidence based approach used to improve quality of life and decrease challenging behaviour by using problem solving techniques to make changes in a person’s environment and teach new skills.

Our behaviour support specialists are qualified and experienced in supporting adults and children who may have significant behaviours of concern. Such behaviour can stop the person being part of their community, work or school, enjoying social activities or just getting on with everyday life.

The team which includes psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and speech pathologists, work with you to find out what the issues are for the person. It may be that we need to get better at knowing what the person wants and feels, or that the person does not understand what is happening. Sometimes the person is upset by certain noises, or touch or smell because of heightened sensitivity or something else. The team will help with a plan and whatever support and training is needed.


Positive behavior support is a way of improving the quality of life for people with disabilities, with the secondary goal of reducing challenging behaviours

Amy Orlowski, Senior Speech Pathologist

Health outcomes for a happy life

Nulsen Therapy services are often a key part of a lifestyle plan, to remain happy, healthy and active. We’re ready to help you to pursue activities and interests you enjoy, while improving your skills, abilities and independence.


Funding for Nulsen Therapy

You may be eligible for funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, through the Department of Communities or the Insurance Commission of Western Australia.

Find out how we can empower you to live your best life.

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