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Creative and Life Skills

Exploration, independence and artistry.

The benefits of artistic expression are numerous and can have a meaningful impact on someone’s life, especially for people with complex disabilities.


As We Are

Artists who have an intellectual disability

As We Are is an important community initiative in Western Australia that aims to bring joy and wellbeing to the lives of artists who have an intellectual disability and those who are part of the experience.

Inspired by the creative expression of artists who have an intellectual disability and a belief in equal opportunities, As We Are began in 2002 as a one-off art award and exhibition. It has grown to become a prestigious event on the WA arts calendar.

As We Are raises the profile of artists and people with an intellectual disability by promoting their contribution to the Western Australian arts and the broader community.


ASDAN, Life Skills

Learning for life

What is an ASDAN course?

ASDAN is a life skills program that aims to build a person’s confidence and increase their independence with daily living.

This accredited life skills curriculum strengthens young adults’ skills for learning, employment, and life. It also helps curriculum-based concepts, like language and math. The programs can be tailored to meet the needs and goals of the person.


Why does Nulsen Disability Services offer ASDAN courses?

ASDAN courses are designed to enhance learners’ confidence, self-esteem, resilience and independence. The courses can be structured to meet the person’s specific needs and can form part of their person-centred plan.

In addition to becoming more motivated, learners develop a structured approach to life. They also acquire skills in working in teams, communication, solving problems, research and looking after themselves.


What will I achieve with ASDAN?

ASDAN courses cover areas such as preparing for life and work – including working towards independence, personal care, hygiene, handling money, as well as self-knowledge areas such as solving problems or creating a personal profile to examine one’s own goals and strengths.


Who is ASDAN for?

ASDAN courses are for learners of all ages and abilities. Courses are structured so learners can complete challenges based on individual abilities rather than achieving a particular level. Participants can come from all sectors of the community, with programs for adults with disabilities and secondary school students, as well as life skills for students and children.


How is ASDAN delivered?

The courses provide basic frameworks that allow the content to be tailored to meet the person’s needs. Delivered through a tutor and workbook method, with lots of room for questions, these courses are designed to reward learners’ achievements for completed challenges, including the option of a Statement of Achievement. It’s all about personalised learning and progression.

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