Other Disability Funding Pathways

Depending on your situation, you may receive funding for your disability through a separate organisation, such as the WA Insurance Commission in cases of permanent disability through a motor vehicle accident. You’ll find further information on these funding pathways, and links, below.

Managing your funding and services.

Self-management, shared management or complete management.

If you are receiving funding through the Disability Services Commission, NDIS or WA NDIS My Way, you’ll likely be aware that you can choose from three main types of approved management and payment structures. It’s up to you how much responsibility you’d like to take on for managing your funding.

Self Management

Make your choices with complete autonomy, and choose when you need support workers, while also looking after the financial side of your funding. Regardless of which pathway you choose, you will always have a say about how your service is designed and delivered regardless of the service model that you go with.

Shared Management

You and your family may prefer to recruit your own support workers, while Nulsen can handle all the insurances, managing payroll and taxes, and provide backup support workers where required.

Nulsen Managed

Nulsen undertakes all tasks associated with the day to day management of your funding, service, staff recruitment, training, supervision and compliance with reporting requirements.

More Funding Information

Disability Services Commission

The DCS is responsible for advancing opportunities for people with disability. They’re also the body that employs local coordinators, who arrange funding approval and will connect you with services. If you’re yet to connect with an LC, Nulsen can help.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

For many, this will be the primary system that funds support for daily living and allied health relating to your disability. The NDIS is currently being delivered in Bayswater and Bassendean. This scheme is designed to give you freedom in choosing your services provider.


Similar to the NDIS, the WA NDIS is driven by the State Government and applies to areas including Armadale, Murray and Serpentine-Jarrahdale areas.


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent statutory agency. Their role is to implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

WA Insurance Commission

In cases where a disability has arisen through a motor vehicle accident, a claim may be made via the WAIC or the commission of your home state. Nulsen is a registered provider for all State Insurance Commissions.

WorkCover WA

In cases where you require rehabilitation or medical treatment due to a workplace injury, WorkCover WA will oversee the worker’s compensation process and payouts.


Feel like you need more information?

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