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Feedback and Complaints

At Nulsen, your feedback is important as it helps us to know what we are doing well, and what we need to improve.

We especially welcome feedback from service users and their families. These guidelines explain how service users, their families, friends, staff, advocates and people in the community, can give us their feedback or lodge a complaint.

Service users and their families are welcome to ask a friend, family member, advocate or one of our employees for help.

Service users or family members can also provide us with feedback via:

Disability Royal Commission

The Disability Royal Commission wants to hear from all Australians about their experiences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability.

The Royal Commission is now accepting public submissions. Submissions received at this time will form part of the commission’s records. This means that if you decide to make a submission at this time, the information you provide will be publicly available.

For more information about making a submission, you can visit the Royal Commission website.

Feedback and Complaints Form

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If your feedback or complaint is of a specific nature please refer to the following steps:

Step 1

  • For concerns relating to Disability services, please contact Caroline Watt, Executive Director Nulsen Disability Services
  • For concerns relating to our Therapy services, please contact Susan Peden, Director, Nulsen Therapy
  • For concerns relating to Outcare, please contact Bridget Harvey, Executive Director, Outcare

We will support you and your family member to seek a second opinion before moving to step two.

Step 2

If you are not satisfied with the outcome from step one, you can lodge a formal complaint with a senior manager by contacting Nulsen head office.

The senior manager will guide you on the best way to lodge your complaint and will act as your complaint co-ordinator.

Step 3

If you are not satisfied with the outcome from step two, the appropriate Executive Director will make an appointment with you to review your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this review, you can request that the matter be reviewed by the Chief Executive Officer, who may consider appointing an external mediator or suggest an external support agency.

External Support

If we have not resolved the matter to your satisfaction, you may wish to contact one of the organisations listed below.

  • Department of Communities

Address: 189 Royal Street, East Perth WA 6004. Phone: (08) 6217 6888 or 1800 176 888.


  • Citizen Advocacy

Address: 2A/28 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park WA 6017. Phone: (08) 9445 9991.


  • People with Disabilities (WA)

Address: Suite 1, Oasis Lotteries House, 37 Hampden Road, Nedlands WA 6009. Phone: (08) 9485 8900. Email:


  • Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO)

Address: GPO Box B61 Perth WA 6838. Phone: (08) 6551 7600 or 1800 813 583 Email:


  • Ombudsman WA 

Address: Level 2, Albert Facey House 469/489 Wellington St Perth 6009. Phone: (08) 9220 7555 or 1800 117 000. Email:


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