As a carer it’s kick ass, supporting them through life, watching them achieve their goals, it’s better than any award.

recruitment process

Our Recruitment Process

If your application passes the initial stage, we’ll phone you to further assess your suitability and may invite you to participate in a recruitment session.

During the recruitment session you will go through several stations that assess various values/qualities. This could include a one on one interview, meeting a family member, fun group activities, or role play.

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Student Placements
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Nulsen Disability Services ID: 159

Working with Nulsen Group is the beginning of a lifelong career. Getting up in the morning and being able to make a difference in the lives of people with complex needs is something we’re passionate about. We exist to empower people to live their best life. This applies to the people we support, their families, and our employees as by empowering our employees; we enable them to empower those we support. Nulsen Group is looking to provide student placements within our disability services with the hope to transition successful placements into employment with the organisation.

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