Why Choose Nulsen

At Nulsen, we have what's called an employee value proposition.

It describes what we stand for and how our purpose of ‘empowering people to live their best life’ translates into our promise to, and expectations of our employees.

It encompasses the central reasons people are proud and motivated to work at Nulsen including all the pay, benefits, rewards and perks that come with being an employee. Basically, it’s the reason why a person would want to work with us.

A career with Nulsen is the beginning of a journey. You’ll have access to fantastic salary packaging and flexible working arrangements, plus have opportunities to nurture a lifelong career.

Through a highly respected EAP (Employee Assistance Program) provider, we also offer all employees confidential EAP services to provide additional support in times of need.

Zero Tolerance

Nulsen fully endorses the Zero Tolerance initiative led by the National Disability Services (NDS) agency in partnership with the disability sector.

This means we do not tolerate any form of abuse, neglect, intimidation or exploitation and are committed to recognising, raising and responding to any deviation from the human rights of people we support.

Built around a national evidence-based framework, Zero Tolerance at Nulsen is an organisational commitment to act on:

  • Anything that makes a person with disability be or feel unsafe
  • Anything that doesn’t support a person’s human rights
  • Anything that we could be doing better

All current and future employees will undergo Zero Tolerance training modules to ensure this standard is upheld at all times.

For more information about Zero Tolerance, please visit the National Disability Services website.

Student Placements at Nulsen Group

Student Placements

Supporting students to transition into the workforce

Nulsen works closely with Vocational Education providers to support students to transition into the workforce.

Students who are enrolled in a community services qualification and are looking to progress to employment are encouraged to apply for a place in our Student Engagement Program.

As a student on placement, you’ll work alongside experienced Support Workers to provide the highest level of care and support.

This will give you an opportunity to observe and understand how your new skills and knowledge are applied in a real-world setting.

Contact us to learn more about our Student Engagement Program.

Career Pathways

We have a dynamic team of support workers, case workers and managers in direct care, allied health, justice services and corporate professionals who are all passionate about providing excellent services to people with complex needs.

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