Support to people with a range of disabilities which includes intellectual, physical and acquired brain injuries

Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles sit at the centre of our commitment to providing outstanding services for people with profound disabilities. Our courage and passion for nurturing people sees us dedicated to the growth and development of residents and staff.

You can think of our guiding principles as a set of beliefs describing what you can expect from Nulsen. These principles help us focus on doing the right thing, on striving for excellence and going the extra mile.

Whether you’re talking to us about supported accommodation or art classes for your relative, you’ll be talking to a dedicated staff member, with a genuine desire to make a difference to the lives of those we support.

We strive for excellence so that people with disabilities can live a fulfilling life as part of an accepting community. These principles guide us:

Quality of life for people with disabilities

  • We believe people with disabilities have the right to dignity and respect, to grow, develop and pursue their aspirations, the same as other citizens of Australia – even though they may need extra support and education to do so.
  • We consider a quality life as one where people participate in their community, gain the respect of others, enjoy meaningful relationships, use skills, exercise choices, and have opportunities to express themselves.

We are committed to those we support

  • We are primarily accountable to the people to whom we provide services;
  • And then to other important stakeholders including families, staff, friends, advocates, funding organisations, other people with disabilities and the wider community.
  • We safeguard and advocate for the well-being of people with disabilities.

We strive for excellence

  • We believe a quality service comes out of close personal relationships and by responding to a person’s needs.
  • We nurture our staff through training and development, reward and recognition so that they, in turn, can nurture the people we support.
  • We seek to strengthen Nulsen through the contribution and influence of valued stakeholders.