Support to people with a range of disabilities which includes intellectual, physical and acquired brain injuries

What is a Support Worker?

Support workers are Nulsen’s lifeblood. But, after six decades of caring for people with complex disabilities, we know that to be a great support worker, good intent is not good enough.

When you’re helping people to bathe, dress, eat and go to the toilet, you’ll also need resilience, courage, tolerance and commitment.

But you know, we do it so those same people can also learn music, paint, make friends, dance, go to a concert and more. Sharing the gifts and contributions of someone’s life is an amazing reward. So we love what we do.

Our Support Workers

As a support worker, you’ll be part of the Nulsen family.  You’ll get a great salary package, high quality training, the opportunity to gain industry-recognised qualifications, flexible working conditions, plus rewards and incentives along the way.

To help you balance your work and other commitments we have:

  • Permanent full time, part time and relief positions
  • Seven weeks annual leave – There’s also the option to take 12 accrued days off giving you more than nine weeks off a year.

To help you support your own family:

  • Great salary
  • Salary sacrifice options

To help you balance nurturing with being nurtured, with every support worker job we offer:

  • In house training – a library of courses for support workers that gives you new skills to make a bigger difference in peoples’ lives.
  • The chance to be supported to do formal training such as Certificate III or IV in Disability Services
  • A fantastic staff awards program
  • Everyday support from senior staff

Hear from three generations of Nulsen Support Workers, Angie, Wendy and Tanya as they share their story and passion for their work at Nulsen Disability Services: