Support to people with a range of disabilities which includes intellectual, physical and acquired brain injuries

Useful Resources

Useful Resources

We know it can be hard to find information about disability services, so we have gathered together some useful resources for families to assist your journey, and have focused on information pertaining to people with complex disabilities as this is our area of expertise.

We’ve deliberately selected disability services information we think will be useful for families caring for a person with a complex disability. Having said that, the information will also be relevant for anyone interested in disability services.

We’ve also created a professional resources section for support workers and professionals working in disability services. However, the information will also be relevant for other health care professionals wanting to know more about this field.

If you find new resources on complex disabilities or the disability sector that we haven’t included on this website, please let us know.

Further Information

Professional Resources

Search for articles and resources on supporting people with complex disabilities relevant to support workers and professionals working in disability services.  Continue Reading

Resources for Families

Search for articles, resources and disability services available to support families of people with complex disabilities.