Support to people with a range of disabilities which includes intellectual, physical and acquired brain injuries

Nulsen Villages

Nulsen Disability Services have appointed ANSON Consulting, to support the implementation of a village model structure across our organisation. The Nulsen Village model is  a new Nulsen way of delivering exceptional service to residents and families which will also benefit our workforce.

How does it work?

  • Homes will be grouped into respective villages, and each village will be given a name based on our founders and life members that contributed to the rich history of our Association.
  • Each village will be managed by 1 of our 7 Area Managers
  • Each village will have a defined workforce model which means the optimum number of staff will be employed to guarantee the highest standards of quality service specific to the needs of each individual resident

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What it means for residents and family members

  • A new and improved rostering system will provide residents and family members with a consistent level of service that’s less reliant on relief/agency staff and ensures residents are met with familiar faces
  • A Village-based recruitment approach means that families of residents will be encouraged to participate in the recruitment process for their village
  • RSM’s and Area Manager’s will have visibility on the individual performance of their Village, and the contribution of its employees, which will provide staff with more frequent feedback and help to identify training and development needs

What it means for staff and the service we deliver

  • The new RITEQ rostering software enables employees to access their rosters and book annual leave online
  • Improvements in overall visibility of rosters will ensure that planned leave is accounted for and unplanned gaps in the roster are reduced
  • Stability in rostering will ensure greater visibility of planned leave which results in a more consistent level of service delivery and less reliance on relief or agency staff
  • More consistency for permanent relief staff; rostering improvements and workforce planning will provide greater clarity and advanced visibility of rosters for relief staff to help support their work life balance

What happens next?

Nulsen VillagesA key success factor of this project, will be ensuring that consultation occurs throughout the process. It’s highly important we obtain feedback on the planned changes to create solutions that best fit the needs of both the workforce and the quality services delivered by Nulsen Disability Services.

To this end, we’re planning a number of workshops and forums for training and review, and will ensure that staff and families are thoroughly supported and informed throughout the change.

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Want to know more?

If you’d like to submit your feedback about the Nulsen Village model, simply complete the Nulsen Village Feedback Form below. Alternatively, you can contact Nulsen on 6253 4700 or via email at

Who were the Villages named after?

The Nulsen Villages have been named after our founding members that were instrumental in establishing Nulsen and changing the way disability support was provided. If it weren’t for them, Nulsen would not be the organisation that it is today. At Nulsen, we are guided by our heritage, and strongly encourage you to click on the photo gallery below to learn more about the people our Villages were named after.

Nulsen Village Feedback Form